Custom Action Quality
For Only $799

Designed and manufactured for superior repeatability and compatibility, your search ends with a Pristine Action. True R700 drop-in with a 6 lug floating bolt head!

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R700 Drop-in

Works with any Remington stock, chassis and triggers without any modifications.

Extremely Rugged

Best in class materials used – 416R and 4340 HTSR throughout and designed for minimal stress.

6 Lug floating bolt head

6 Lug interchangeable floating bolt head for unmatched security and strength.


Pristine Bolt Action Receiver

Designed be be a direct Remington 700 replacement upgrade.
No over-size bolt issues as is common with other aftermarket actions.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Price includes shipping

6-lug design, with light and quick 90° bolt lift

Dual ejectors

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