When it comes to firearms, having a reliable warranty is crucial, and Pristine Technologies understands the significance of providing robust protection for your investment. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, backed by our industry-leading 100% lifetime guarantee. Know you’re getting the best protection when choosing our VIP warranty for your bolt action receiver.

VIP Warranty Explained & Why You Need It

Protecting Against Unforeseen Circumstances

Our VIP warranty goes above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive coverage for unforeseen circumstances that might impact your bolt action receiver’s performance. Contrary to the misconception that warranties are non-essential, the reality is that they play a pivotal role in safeguarding your investment. Whether you encounter unexpected malfunctions, wear and tear, or other issues beyond your control, our warranty acts as a shield, offering you peace of mind and financial protection. In the dynamic world of firearm ownership, where variables are unpredictable, having the security of Pristine Technologies' VIP warranty ensures that you are not left navigating uncertainties alone.

Shielding Against Damage

The most significant reason a warranty is essential for your bolt action receiver lies in its protection against various types of damage. Despite stringent quality control standards during manufacturing, there may be instances where certain parts fail without any fault on your part.

Pristine Technologies stands by its commitment to customers by offering a lifetime warranty. If your bolt action receiver experiences damage, we take on the financial burden of replacing the faulty part, ensuring a seamless and cost-free resolution for our customers.

Addressing Design Flaws

Warranty registration becomes particularly crucial when dealing with design flaws. Spending a substantial amount on a bolt action receiver that exhibits functionality issues, without apparent damage, should not result in out-of-pocket expenses for adjustments. Pristine Technologies prioritizes your satisfaction and addresses design flaws under the protection of our warranty.

The Pristine Promise: Unmatched Coverage

Our VIP Warranty covers all Pristine Technology products, offering unlimited lifetime coverage that is fully transferable, without the need for a receipt. Whether your firearm encounters damage or exhibits unforeseen design flaws, Pristine Technologies pledges to take care of you.

In the rare event that your bolt action receiver requires attention, our warranty ensures a hassle-free process. We either send you replacement parts for easy fixes or cover shipping both ways for the rifle to be repaired at our facility.

A Key Takeaway for Firearm Owners

Given that firearms often serve the purpose of self-defense, having a comprehensive warranty is paramount. Pristine Technologies understands the unpredictable nature of situations that may arise with firearms, and our warranty serves as a shield against unforeseen events.

In conclusion, a warranty for your bolt action receiver is akin to any other form of product protection. While the hope is that you may never need it, having the assurance of Pristine Technologies' warranty is far better than finding yourself in need without the protection it provides. Choose Pristine Technologies for bolt action receivers that come with unparalleled quality and a warranty that truly prioritizes your satisfaction.

Who is Pristine Technologies? By the end of this article, you will know who they are, what they do and the kind of people they surround themselves with. So, without further delay allow me to introduce to you Pristine Technologies.


Pristine bolt action receiver from start to finish.

Pristine Technologies is a bolt action receiver manufacturer located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. That is right, they are Canadian. Pristine Technologies manufactures one of the smoothest custom bolt action receivers available on the market. (If not the smoothest). With initial development of the company starting back in 2019 they officially launched at Shot Show 2022, this was an extremely exciting time for the company as it was the first of many big events that would catapult them into the custom firearms and world surround them with like-minded individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and most importantly, firearms enthusiasts. The community has been nothing but welcoming and encouraging to Pristine as the “new kid on the block.”

Back in 2019 when initial development was mostly just an idea in the founders’ minds, it was felt that the creation of a new bolt action receiver was required for the simple reason of producing a modern action, built with modern machining and manufacturing processes. One thing they noticed was that most receivers and rifles are built with designs, processes and tooling that haven't seemed to change much in the last 50 years. Seeing this felt truly unjust to the founders’, that the firearms community was left using older concepts and tooling while the rest of the world and its industries were moving forward with innovation and technological advancement.

Pristine new upgraded bolt knob.


When coming up with a brand name and image for the company, Pristine shined through. The definition of Pristine is “unspoiled” and “spotless” this is what Pristine Technologies brings to the table. They are looking to create and provide a clean, crisp and modern rifle action that is supported by a fantastic team of employees. These employees uphold the same pristine values in how they treat everything from raw materials and the manufacturing process, to packaging and the way they treat their customers. While the founders worked on coming up with a company logo that would be on the receivers, they wanted to follow the same thought process and keep the rifle actions looking as clean and crisp as possible. A “P” placed inside a circle was the original design and with some minor modifications it became the logo you see today alongside the company name.


Now let's talk about these bolt action receivers. At the time of writing Pristine offers a short action receiver in both left and right-handed configurations. The bolt that comes with the receiver has interchangeable bolt heads, additional bolt heads can be purchased in 223 Remington (.378” +/-), 6mm Arc (.445” +/-) and .308 Winchester (.470” +/-). This also allows the shooter to purchase alternate bolt heads for a simple yet effective switch barrel rifle setup. All Pristine receivers come with a pinned recoil lug for easier installation of barrels and rifle stock alignment.


Interchangeable bolt heads offered by Pristine.

A few of the features that Pristine rifle action’s come with include a roller cocking piece for a smoother bolt operation, interchangeable bolt heads as mentioned above, dual ejector pins for a stronger ejection of spent cases (except on the 223 Remington [.384” +/-] bolt head as the dual ejectors aren't required for proper ejection), Sako style extractor which has proven to be the industry standard for good quality extraction, 90 degree bolt lift for   fast cycling of rounds and a unique 6 lug floating bolt head that helps create a smoother bolt cycle with less friction during operation.

The receiver is machined from a solid cylindrical piece of pre-hardened 416 stainless steel. This design allows Pristine receivers to have a thicker than normal rear tang which helps avoid distortion and/or bending of the receiver during its operation and handling. The receiver comes with thicker than normal action screws and threading, allowing for greater surface area contact between the screws, the action, and the chassis or stock, creating a greater resistance to fatigue and failure for the rifle as it endures the abuse of everyday use during the action’s  lifespan. This creates a stronger rifle platform for any shooter. (No, this doesn't mean you can run it over with a truck or drop it off a cliff). The bolt action receiver’s smooth cycling process is created by combining both its design and unique surface finish to create an anti-binding environment.


Pristine bolt action receiver sitting inside an MDT XRS chassis in FDE.

Pristine receivers are designed and threaded to take Savage small shank pre fit barrels (On the short actions) with a barrel nut headspacing design to allow for a user-friendly barrel swapping setup. If the shooter so desires, they can also have a shouldered barrel spun up to the receiver's specifications by a qualified gunsmith or barrel company. The receivers were designed to fit a Rem 700 footprint, this allows Pristine receivers with access to one of the largest aftermarket parts, accessories, and support in the shooting industry. This includes but is not limited to Stocks, Chassis, Triggers, Magazines etc. If you want to confirm that the parts you're choosing are going to fit, get in touch with the customer service team and they will respond to you in a timely manner.


A group photo of Pristine Employees, Friends and Business partners enjoying a meal while checking out some rifles and talking about guns.


Now that you have gotten to know the company a little bit better let's get to know the team. We asked the team a few questions, here are some of the answers:


1. What made you start working at/for Pristine?


The short answer to this is our commonality, we all have a love for the firearms community and business. Pristine Employees come from many different walks of life, what started as brothers turned into founders, then the addition of business colleagues which created the opportunity to bring employees onboard by way of community connections and common interests.


2. What is your favorite feature about the action?


While it might be hard to get any team to agree on any one thing, I can tell you that the team at Pristine Technologies all agree that their favorite feature of the action is just how smooth it cycles.


3. What makes Pristine Technologies stand out to you?


We all agree that the importance we place on customer service and warranty programs are a few of the things that make our company stand out. We also feel that the love we have for our customers and dealers is something that helps Pristine Technologies stand out within the community.


4. Do you hunt, shoot competition, plink or a mix of shooting disciplines? If so, which do you enjoy the most?


Employees from Pristine are mostly hunters who look at competitions and other shooting disciplines as ways to become better hunters and shooters. We do compete but are by no means super competitive. This is why Pristine has sponsored shooters, they show you just how good our custom action can be. One of our favorite things to do is take friends and family out to help them break some personal bests and to show them the difference between a factory rifle and what a custom action rifle can do for a shooter. 


5. What is your current favorite rifle caliber to shoot?


The team at Pristine Technologies shoots your more common and widely available calibers. Typically, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. This is simply due to ammo availability. However, as we get more involved in different aspects of the shooting industry, we are likely to start reloading and will be getting into some of the more exotic calibers for PRS and Long-Range Precision.


Pristine action fresh in the box.

Now that you know who Pristine Technologies is, what they do, the type of people they are and what they are all about, the only thing left to do is get in touch and get yourself a bolt action rifle receiver or even a barreled action.

Remember to always practice safe muzzle control and Shoot Pristine.



PHONE: 1-855-784-7468


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