Why Pristine

Why Pristine Action?

Our Pristine Action is based off of the legendary Remington 700 action, that has been proven for over 50 years.

Its cylindrical shape allows for ease of manufacturing with material readily available. This action, if combined with a Savage pre-fit barrel, allows users to swap out their barrels without the need for a gunsmith, if they decide to upgrade. The recoil lug is locked between the barrel nut and the receiver. This design allows for less wasted material without sacrificing accuracy. Works with R700 triggers. This means no custom inletting, no trips to the gunsmith, no cutting, and no filing to make things fit. Just drop in and go.

There is a huge array of triggers for every purpose and at every price point. Our design allows any Remington 700 trigger to drop right in, allowing customers to use any trigger in their rifle.

The full diameter bolt design is becoming increasingly popular. Its combination of smoother bolt feel and reduced chance of binding makes it perfect for hunting and PRS competition. Our regular sized bolt has a unique lug system that is the same diameter as the bolt body, eliminating the need to machine or EDM raceways into the receiver. This increases strength, rigidity and performance while making the receiver easier to machine. Our system uses a 90-degree bolt lift which allows for a lighter and smoother bolt lift, allowing you to stay on target while cycling the bolt.

Most rifles that utilize a 90 degree bolt throw have 2 lugs.

Pristine Actions utilize 6 locking lugs, making our action ultra strong. Borrowing design cues from the bulletproof Weatherby Mark V, our action uses 2 rows of 3 locking lugs to keep the bolt secure even when using the hottest loads.

Pristine Action uses a Sako style extractor

The extractor design is used in the proven Sako and Tikka rifles. Our full diameter bolt design eliminates the safety concerns usually raised with this type of extractor. This design takes a large bite on the case, ensuring that every cartridge is extracted every time. It uses a dual plunger system to eject the cartridge. This ensures that the cartridge is ejected straight out of the ejection port every time, eliminating jams and blockages.

Pristine Actions utilize a floating bolt head system

This system ensures that the bolt face centers itself perpendicular to the barrel and the cartridge every time, eliminating misalignment caused by contamination like dust and dirt in the action. This system also allows easy caliber changes which, combined with the Savage pre fit barrel and barrel nut system, allows customers to change calibers at home without a gunsmith.

A premium feature of the Pristine Action is our cocking piece roller.

This feature eliminates the friction between the cocking piece and the cocking ramp on the back of the bolt. Usually, a hardened steel cocking piece is forced up the hardened ramp when the bolt is lifted. This generates a substantial amount of friction which needs to be overcome in addition to the weight of the firing pin spring. Using a roller further lightens bolt lift, giving our action the lightest bolt lift out of the box on the market today. This roller cocking piece, combined with our zero cock on close system, allows the bolt to be operated with 1 finger.

The materials we use in our action are aircraft grade 416R and 4340 HTSR.

416R is a pre-hardened stainless steel that has been designed specifically for use in firearm barrels. This material is corrosion resistant and has non-galling properties which increase its durability. It also possesses a very high tensile strength and excellent wear properties. 416R combines the strength and rigidity necessary in a precision action with good machinability. This allows us to achieve a better surface finish inside the bore using standard machining methods. This improves bolt feel and allows the bolt to cycle faster. The action has a clear satin finish which gives the rifle a polished, professional appearance and hides fingerprints. The bolt and bolt head are made of 4340 HTSR. This is a high strength carbon steel that also machines well, ensuring excellent surface finishes. The bolt is nitrided to create an extremely smooth, extremely durable finish. The combination of a polished stainless receiver, black bolt and black shroud is striking and lets everyone know you run a quality Pristine Action.

Our action combines accuracy and reliability with state-of-the-art machinery

It takes inspiration from the best features of a variety of different rifles including Sako, the Weatherby Mk V and Remington 700. Pristine Actions are designed by a highly skilled team of machinists, engineers, and firearm enthusiasts, giving it desirable features without complicating the manufacturing process. This allows for a dependable, accurate, cost effective action that can be used as a stock hunting rifle or a completely customized long-range tack driver.


  • Remington 700 Footprint
  • Savage Type Barrel Nut
  • Savage Pre-fit Barrels
  • 90 Degree Bolt Lift
  • Roller Cocking Piece
  • Zero Cock on Close
  • Floating Bolt Head
  • Sako Extractor

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