7 Benefits of a Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver

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1. Designed for Precision Rifle Shooters by Precision Rifle Shooters

Every Pristine Action is manufactured to exacting tolerances and tested to ensure it meets Pristine’s standard of excellence. If an action doesn’t meet those standards, we won’t sell it. 

The men and women who designed the Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver are PRS competitors, long-range shooters and hunters with over a century of shooting experience. We love shooting and we love firearms. 

2. Precision Machined 

Whether you shoot to compete or put meat in your freezer, precision and accuracy are critical to your success. Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receivers are manufactured by Harmonic Machine Inc., a company with 23 years of expertise in modern manufacturing excellence trusted by some of the biggest names in the firearms industry.

3. Fast Shipping

We ship your Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver within 24 hours of placing your order.  

Where other manufacturers may take months, we deliver your order in days so you can start building your custom rifle on the rock-solid foundation of a Pristine Custom Action when you want – not when a manufacturer decides to let you. 

4. 6-Lug Floating Bolt Head and Roller Wheel Cocking Piece

Pristine’s 6-lug floating bolt head and 6 matching recoil lugs distribute the pressure generated by your cartridge over the largest possible surface area. Less pressure per contact surface means a stronger, more consistent and ultimately safer design for you. 

Pristine’s integrated roller-wheel cocking mechanism delivers a light bolt lift (less then 4 pounds) and a silky-smooth bolt throw for fast and easy follow-up shots. 

5. Sako-Style Extractor

Our machined Sako-style extractor latches on to more surface area of the case head. Greater contact with the case head means superior reliability when extracting the spent case. 

What does this mean for you?

Confidence only a superior product can deliver. 

6. Dual Ejectors

Pristine’s dual ejectors, combined with our Sako-style extractor, means every cartridge you fire will eject with precision. Springs-based (plunger) ejectors can get stuck so, by using dual ejectors, a Pristine Action is all but guaranteed to eject your spent case every single time. 

7. Flexibility

Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receivers accept any standard Savage pre-fit barrel, giving you flexibility in calibre selection. You can change calibres from .308 to 6.5 Creedmoor in 5 minutes or less. 

This flexibility allows you to hunt using .308 and, with a fast and easy barrel swap, you can head out to your next PRS match without the expense of building a second rifle. 

Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receivers are designed to a standard of excellence while maintaining respect for your wallet.

When it’s time for you to build a precision rifle that you have total control over, the Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver is your rock-solid foundation.

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